Burn It Up




If I think about it all the time
It really fogs me up, contaminates my mind
I see, it gets the better of me

So I've said some things you really hate
I've made some stupid moves,
I've made some big mistakes
I've learned, can't carry them forever

So I'll gather up the pieces
that are broken from my past
And I'll tie them with a ribbon
and I'll say farewell at last

I've got to burn it up, burn it up

Standing in a room I call the past
I want to tear it down, lock it up at last 
Let go, of what is holding me back

I always tell you what is on my mind 
I always tell the truth and as the years go by
I find, I want to change it now forever

I've got to keep it forward
I can't let it pull me down 
I just seem to be unsettled 
With these memories around

I've got to burn it up, burn it up 
(gather up the pieces from the past) 
(pieces that are broken down)

© 2001 Words And Music By Chrissy Lomax