About Chrissy

Thank you for visiting my site as I work on creating an updated new look with new pictures and most importantly some new tunes!


My life was interrupted in July of 2017 when I heard the words “you have breast cancer.” I went through a year of treatment that included 6 rounds of chemotherapy, surgeries and 35 radiation treatments. My chemotherapy cocktail included very nasty strong drugs. 3 of the 4 drugs I had infused every 3 weeks caused numerous side effects that I will be ridding my body of for a couple of years. The 4th drug has a story to tell here;

When I moved to California from Canada in the early 90's I joined the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation/UCLA to raise money for research. At an event there I was inspired by Dr. Dennis Slamon/Head oncologist and his discovery of an anti body for an oncogene called HER2neu, the most aggressive breast cancer killing so many. The only way research, trials, and testing can be done is from fundraising. I published a cookbook with 100% of the proceeds going to this research at UCLA. By 1999 the first targeted therapy for breast cancer was FDA approved and lives were being saved. Herceptin is the name of the drug to stop HER2nue Positive breast cancer and was the 4th drug that was in my cocktail. I helped fund-raise for the drug that saved my life. I am extremely grateful to everyone who donates to cancer research.


I am still recovering from the hell my body, mind & spirit went through but I never stopped writing and recording. Listen to “FRAGILE” and “I CAN”, they are 2 of my songs that will be on my new CD. My husband Joe Primeau and I are finishing up a couple more tunes and are looking at the possibility of a music video and CD release event as well.


Along with completing this CD, I’m in the middle of writing a book called “Another Interruption”, My Journey Through Breast Cancer & How I Kicked It’s Ass so please stay tuned for that.

After being my only client for over a year, I have started slowly back to my work as a Polestar Pilates instructor, a personal trainer and a breast cancer survivor to help others.