Give It to Me


If it was open, just for a minute
I’d get my foot in the door and I’d jump right in it
I wouldn’t laugh about it, I wouldn’t lie
No, just let me by

If I could chip it, smooth it out at the edges
Apply some strong reinforcement, 
and secure it with wedges
Then I would hold up my chin, 
walk straight and tall
I’d tackle it all, I’d tackle it all

Just like the way you read about these things
Everybody pays the price to get the brass ring
Just like the way, I write about these things
It’s about my life and I can take what it brings

If it was over, just like a movie
Would everyone rush to the exit, and get there before me
Will I have to barter for my wings, is anything free
Just give it to me

I’m tired of paying my dues
Just give it to me
Don’t make me wait too long
Just listen to me

Chrissy Lomax: Lead vocals and guitar
Recorded Live, Dec. 2005